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Explore an extensive range of Yoga Mats 6mm at TheYogaCrave. You can buy the most resilient, durable, comfortable & smooth yoga mat at TheYogaCrave. Our listed mats are eco-friendly and are eligible to take your yoga session to the next level. You can practise all types of yoga including hot yoga on our 6mm extra thick yoga mat. 

You would have heard many times that “Yoga is all about focus”. Indeed, it is true. If you cannot be focused while your yoga session then it can significantly diminish your yoga productivity.

Most people do not feel comfortable on hard surfaces and they need ample thickness yoga mats that can provide appropriate cushion and support. For them, a Yoga Mat with 6mm of thickness can be a good option. 

Anti-Skid, Eco-Friendly & Extra Thick Yoga Mats 6mm

Our mats are not harmful to the environment. They provide proper cushioning with extra thickness and their anti-skid feature protects your hand & feet from any type of injury. Browse the top collection of yoga mats and buy the best yoga mats in India. 

Different Types of Yoga Mats comes with 6mm Thickness

Our list isn’t bound with any single type of yoga mat. You can buy all types of Yoga Mat in the 6mm category that including PVC Yoga Mats, Natural Rubber Yoga Mats, Cotton Yoga Mats & Jute Yoga Mats. So, make your yoga practice more exciting and smooth and buy the best quality 6mm Yoga mat at the TheYogaCrave.

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