Which Side of the Yoga Mat Should You Use? A Comprehensive Guide

Whether you are a seasoned yogi or a beginner just starting your yoga journey, it is very crucial to learn how to use the yoga mat in the right way. Yoga is completely related to focus, so you need care to take care of every detail to make sure that your yoga sessions are productive. 

With this article today, I will guide you in understanding the mystery of which side of the yoga mat you should use and will also share some helpful tips to enhance your yoga practice. 

Let’s get into it,

Unveiling the Mystery of the Right Side of the Yoga Mat

Dissect and Understand the Basics

Got a yoga mat? You’ll find it consists of two sides – one smooth and one textured. Most people think that they can use either side of the yoga mat, but that’s not true. It is not only correct but can also be risky. Why? Because, if you put the smooth surface facing the floor, it won’t provide you the grip and the chance of slipping and getting injured is extremely high. 

What’s the correct side to use?

The smooth side is mostly the top side of the mat and the textured side should be on the floor side as it is designed to provide you grip and stability. However, you can also use the textured side, but not for difficult yoga poses that seek stability. 

Another advantage of sitting on the smooth side is, you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed, so your focus will be completely on your practice, which eventually will make your yoga productive. It is suitable for Hatha, Yin, or Restorative yoga. 

If you are a patient with joint pains, our personal recommendation would be to use the smooth side of the mat. It will provide proper cushioning for your joints and will keep you comfortable. 

What about the textured surface?

textured surface of a black yoga mat

The textured side of the mat is designed to enhance grip and prevent slippage during more vigorous yoga exercises, such as Vinyasa, or Hot yoga. The texture, often in the form of lines or patterns, provides traction for your hands and feet, allowing you to hold poses with confidence. 

Have you ever spotted yoga mats with lines?

Actually, yes! There are mats that come with lines, and they are extremely helpful in maintaining proper alignment in your poses. Aligning your body correctly can prevent injuries and help you progress in your practice. When using a mat with lines, place the side with the lines facing upward and align yourself accordingly.

Can I use a yoga mat on the carpet?

It can be challenging to use the yoga mat on the carpet. However, if you bought a mat that provides excellent grip and stability, you can use it on the carpet. The textured side of the mat should be placed facing downward to grip the carpet effectively, while the smooth side provides comfort and support for your practice.

Quick Helpful Tips to Enhance Your Yoga Experience

  • Use a good-quality yoga mat for comfort and firmness
  • Regularly maintain cleaning practices to keep it hygienic and odour-free
  • If unsure about which side to use, try practising yoga on both sides to figure out which side you feel safe and comfortable
  • Live and enjoy your practice session. It’s all about finding joy and meaning within

Now you know how to use your mat properly. So, pick up your yoga mat and start practising yoga more effectively. Remember, the choice of which side to use ultimately depends on your personal preferences and the style of yoga you’re practising. I hope you enjoyed reading this guide. Find it helpful? Why not share with your friends and let them improve their yoga practice?