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KOBO Yoga Mats
KOBO Yoga Mats
KOBO Yoga Mats
KOBO Yoga Mats
KOBO Yoga Mats

Kobo NBR Athletica Yoga Mat


Size: 8mm, 15mm

Colours: Black, Blue, Red

Features: Tear Proof, Damage Free, High-Density NBR Foam, Free Carry Strap


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  • 8 mm thick and 180 cm by 60 cm high-density NBR foam – comfortable and easy to use for any exercise and activity, providing maximum cushioning from impact for your legs, knees, backs, and ankles
  • Slip-proof and waterproof – stabilizing your posture and allowing you to practice your favourite exercises without fear of slipping and falling; perfect for reducing the likelihood for injuries
  • FREE easy carry strap makes it easy to pick up your favourite mat and be on your way to your preferred exercise method
  • Tear-proof and damage-free – because of the resistant material it is made of, this mat will last through any kind of exercise and wear – from yoga to stretches, to camping, picnicking, or simply standing upon to cushion your ankles during long periods of being on your feet
  • Cushion and protect your knees, hips, back and elbows as you exercise. Especially useful to provide much-needed comfort and protection against hard gym floors. Made from non-toxic, latex-free and phthalate-free NBR foam


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