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How to clean a yoga mat?

How to clean a yoga mat?

You have bought your favourite & best yoga mat and after a few months, it starts smelling which cripples your motivation to practise yoga. Does it sound relatable?

When you regularly practise yoga, your body sweats and your mat soaks it. Apart from that, lots of germs and bacteria also drizzle on your mat. So, wanted or unwantedly you have to wash your mat after a period of time. To keep it clean, dirt & odour-free you need to wash your mat regularly. 

A washable yoga mat can be cleaned to make it odour-free, disinfectant & regain the energy to practise yoga every day.

But cleaning a yoga mat is not an easy task, it can be challenging & daunting if don’t follow the washing yoga mat steps properly. 

Lots of our readers have requested to share a ‘How to wash a yoga mat?’ guide so today we are present with a comprehensive guide that will help you in cleaning your yoga mat effectively & easily. 

Let’s delve into the guide,

Cleaning a Yoga Mat

Regular Cleaning

It is recommended to clean your mat on a regular basis. Not that deep cleaning but a regular wash to keep it odour-free and clean for a certain period of time. All you need to do is to have a spray bottle and a mixture of water, vinegar & any of your favourite essential oils. Prepare the mixture and fill it in the spray bottle. 

After practising your yoga, take 5 minutes out and clean the surface regularly with this solution. It will help you in keeping your mat fresh, and free from germs & odour for a longer period of time. 

For surface cleaning, keep the mat on a flat surface and sprinkle the solution all over it. Then, wipe it with a yoga towel or cotton cloth. Identify the most affected part of the mat and give proper attention to that place. 

Note: Make sure to read the cleaning instructions given on your mat before cleaning it with the solution. As some of the brands don’t recommend cleaning the mat with vinegar while some exclude the usage of essential oils. Some yoga mats are not washable so make sure the mat you are using is a washable yoga mat. 

Intense or Deep Cleaning

Even following regular cleaning after a certain period you will feel the need for Deep Cleaning. So, let’s discuss how you can conduct a deep cleaning:

  • Get the mixture of luke water and a shampoo or dish wash.
  • Then, soak your mat inside it for the 5 minutes
  • Clean it with any cloth keeping it inside
  • Take it out & rinse!
  • Make it dry with the hot air from any dryer!
  • Attention! Make sure the air is not too hot.
  • Hurraaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Your mat is cleaned. 😉


This washing method is not recommended for closed-cell yoga mats. Since the thickness of closed cell yoga mats is very thin it is suggested to clean with the cloth and the solution. 

Cleaning closed cell mats through this method can damage your mat. So, read your yoga mat cleaning instruction properly.

Personal Suggestion: After practising yoga, get it cleaned with regular cleaning and instantly keep it in the yoga mat bag.

Benefits of Cleaning a Yoga Mat

Keep the mat & your mood fresh

The freshness of any material significantly affects our mood. We don’t want to use anything that is dirty, sweaty & full of odour. It will turn off your mood and as we mentioned earlier you will lose your motivation to practise yoga. So, keeping your mat clean & fresh will also freshen up your mood. 

Kills Germs & Bacteria

There are lots of bacteria that drip on the mat which can harm our health. So, washing your mat will also eliminate germs and bacteria that will keep your health protected.

Make it odour-free

Who wants to smell a dirty odour? No one, Right! Regularly washing your mat will keep your mat odour-free.

FAQs related to washing a Yoga Mat

How often should I clean my mat?

You can clean your yoga mat anywhere between 1 month to 3 months. However, you should perform regular cleaning on a daily basis. 

Do all the mats are washable?

No, not all the yoga mats are washable. Some mats come with washable features but not all. You have to check the cleaning instructions before washing any yoga mat.

What solution do I need to clean the yoga mat?

You can get a mixture of vinegar & water to perform regular cleaning. For deep cleaning, mix light warm water and dishwasher or handwash or shampoo and sink your mat in it for 5 minutes. After that, rinse well and dry it with any dryer.

Will the washing mat make it odour-free?

Conducting a deep cleaning will make your mat odour-free or will remove the odour up to great extent. Make sure to clean the mat properly for the best outcome.  

Can I clean a mat in the washing machine?

There are many mats available in the market that can be cleaned through the washing machine. But it is not recommended to clean your mat with the washing machine. 

Is there any yoga mat detox available online?

Yes, you can get good-quality yoga mat detox at Amazon. Browse amazon to get a premium-quality Yoga Mat disinfectant spray. 

Let’s wrap up this article here. We hope now you can clean yoga mats easily on your own.

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