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Best Yoga Mats in India you can Buy Online in 2023

Are you a yogi and want to improve your yoga productivity? One of the essential things that you can add to your yoga kit that will definitely have a direct impact on your yoga session is yoga mats. A good yoga mat improves your yoga session significantly. It gives proper cushioning & support to your hips, knees and elbows and keeps you protected from any injury. But, sometimes it takes effort to find the best yoga mats in India. 

With this guide, I will help you find your ideal yoga mat in India. So, without any further ado, let’s get started with our list:

bolfit pro yoga exercise mat

Product Description

This BOLDFIT yoga mat perfectly fills all your yoga gaps. A highly durable exercise mat built with TPE foam that offers the conventional dimension of 6 ft in height and 2 ft in width. Its anti-skid surface protects you from any kind of mischief. Since it is made up of Thermoplastic Elastomer so it is an eco-friendly mat. It is compatible with all shapes and sizes of people. For adequate cushioning, it delivers a 6mm thickness which makes this mat resilient and comfortable. 

Key Features: 

  • Highly durable TPE Material
  • Eco-friendly & washable yoga mat
  • Very resilient and comes with a wide surface
  • Anti-skid surface keeps you stable


  • A wide surface ensures that it is compatible with everyone
  • Non-toxic mat and also free from chemical odours
  • Carry it easily as it comes with a carry bag
  • Its aesthetic design inspires you to do yoga every day


  • It may tear with barefoot
  • Gets slippery if used for a longer period
strauss eva yoga mat

Product Description

You will enjoy your yoga session on this yoga mat. An ample thickness of 6mm with an extra-large surface allows you to practice your yoga freely. The foam of this mat is very squishy and comfortable that gives support to your joints, hip, and knees. It offers 2-feet wide and 6 feet long dimensions. Since it is constructed with TPE Material so it is an eco-friendly yoga mat available in India. Worry about the odour? You don’t need to as it is a washable mat. 

Key Features

  • A washable yoga mat 
  • Extra-large dimension for full stretching 
  • Made up of TPE Material so it is free from PVC, Silicon and other harmful substances


  • it has a wide and long surface
  • Eco-friendly 
  • soft & resilient material
  • 6mm of adequate cushion support


  • can skid on shiny surfaces especially marble floor 
  • little bit expensive
Best yoga mats in india

Product Description :

Do you practice advanced Yoga poses? If yes then this yoga mat can be a good option for you. Its roll-up design allows you to store the mat in the smallest space and hence carry it easily in Your Gym Bag.

As far as the thickness of this mat is concerned, its padded surface is full 8mm thick to cushion your hands, knees, and other body parts of your body. You will feel very light on this Mat.

It has features like Padded Reversible that make this Yoga Mat exceptional. We would have kept it in the first place but we didn’t do that because of the price. But, no doubt it gives you the return. Adidas is well-known for its quality. So, if you are looking for a good quality branded Yoga Mat it might be a good option for you.

It is a perfect yoga mat if you practice yoga poses that have a high chance of slipping such as Eka Hasta Vrksasana, Pungu Mayurasana, Sayanasana & Taraksvasana. 


  • provides stability in difficult poses with a better grip
  • gives an ample thickness of 8mm for easement
  • With its compact design, easy to store & transport


  • It is not eco-friendly
  • composed of PVC so it is not good for allergic people

Product Description :

We can never under estimate this exercise mat of VitFit. It is very popular among Yogis can be used for multi-purpose work. The sweat-absorbent EVA foam keeps it odor-free. Its double non-slip surface uplifts your yoga experience and at the same time keeps you stable. 

The unique lightweight quality of this mat makes it easily transportable. It is a washable mat so you get the option to clean it with soap and water. It comes with multiple thickness option that are 6mm, 8mm & 10mm. You will feel peace & joy on this Yoga Mat.


  • comes along with Yoga Mat Bag to easily carry it
  • It improves balance and prevents you from injury
  • Sweat-Absorbent EVA Foam 
  • Highly durable and sturdy
  • Easily washable with soap and water


  • releases chemical smells especially when it is new
  • not very resilient
  • Not good for advanced yoga postures

Product Description :

From material quality to durability & resilience everything is up to the mark in this yoga mat. It gives you 13mm extra broader thickness that is perfect for pilates, workouts, and yoga. This mat doesn’t compromise on comfort as it is built with high-density foam so even if you are a heavyweight person you can enjoy yoga on it. Additionally, it is very lightweight so you can easily carry it with yourself. You also get a decent quality carry strap for it.

It gives you excellent stability with its textured surface, so if you practice beginner or advanced yoga poses, you can easily hold your body in any position.

Altogether, this yoga mat can become a very good cushion partner for you.


  • 13 mm extra broader thickness
  • offers durability, resilience, and stability
  • textured surface with satisfactory grip
  • Lightweight for a hassle-free move


  • bit expensive
boldfit yoga mat india thickness explaination

Product Description :

Undoubtedly, Boldfit is booming in the Yoga Mat industry in recent times. And why not, they are providing outstanding products at the very best price.

Look at this mat, it comes with 6mm of sufficient thickness that perfectly supports your body even in difficult yoga poses.

You can easily hold difficult yoga poses without worrying about slipping because this yoga mat has a double-sided Anti-Slip surface. Its wavy underside pattern gives a stronghold on the floor. 

Apart from that, it is also composed of EVA material so it means that it is free from chloride, heavy metals, latex, or any hazardous substance. Unlike PVC mats, you won’t get the chemical smell during your Yoga session. 

If you also sweat a lot during the workout, no worries, it comes with Sweat & Moisture Resistant Technology that keeps it odour-free. But still, you can wash it regularly to keep it hygienic. Overall, it is a perfect mat available in India offered by Boldfit. You can read this yoga mat review on Amazon. 


  • 6 mm ample thickness
  • Double-sided Anti-Slip Resilient Surface
  • Sweat Protection & Moisture Protection Feature
  • A Yoga Mat Bag for Free Transportation


  • none
Brandvilla best yoga mat india

Product Description :

This yoga mat is designed by Brandvilla. It renders you a simple but inspiring design and is suitable for all types of yoga and stretching.

Talking about the material, it is made up of Natural Rubber and recycled materials. Rubber mats are also known as Non-toxic mats. Its dimension is (Length x Breadth) 183 x 61 cm and 4mm / 6mm thickness.

This Rubber Mat will perfectly cushion your joints while staying grounded and it also absorbs sweat while staying Grippy. Its thickness is strong enough to prevent you from injuries. You can easily hold difficult poses with ease on this Yoga Mat.

If you are thinking to buy it, you can easily buy this mat online. It is available on Amazon.


  • A strap present along with a mat to easily carry it
  • Its extraordinary resilience gives you comfort yoga experience
  • Good quality material 
  • Lightweight 
  • Washable with soap and water
  • Affordable price


  • Not very good texture
force24 yoga mat

Product Description :

We often feel stressed when the body starts sweating while practising yoga. But this yoga mat reduces the burden on you with its sweat and moisture resistant technology. 

It comes with 6mm of ample thickness that delivers proper protection to your spine, hips, elbow and back of your body. 

Apart from this, it is a biodegradable mat manufactured with TPE material. 

You don’t need to smell the odor while practicing because it is a washable mat so you keep it odor-free with wash often. 

With two fold-sided anti-skid surfaces, it is a premium exercise yoga mat that ensures great slip safe and prevents you from any kind of injury.

The wonderful surface on the top keeps the hands and feet from sneaking out of position.  


  • Biodegradable eco-friendly mat
  • Comes with moisture and sweat-resistant technology
  • Premium quality material with beautiful surface
  • A durable, resilient and strong yoga mat


  • Nothing serious spotted
best yoga mats india

Product Description :

The next mat in our list is presented by Ozoy. It has a 13mm extra broad thickness that grants a pillar between you and the floor. It is not only good for Yoga but also for workouts and stretching.

As far as its structure is concerned, you get an arduous surface with a lining texture to make it grippy & stable.

Additionally, you get a good quality strap with this mat. Its extra thickness provides 30% more comfort & protection as compared to any other yoga mat available at this price range.

Its traction of 71 x 24 inches is perfect for persons of all shapes and sizes. The mat is sticky, dense, and clutches well over time. 


  • 13mm broad thickness 
  • It provides ample support in tuff yoga poses
  • Double-sided anti-skid surface
  • Yoga Mat Strap for ease of transportation


  • Not good for advanced yoga poses
  • Foam starts tearing after a few uses
best yoga mats in india

Product Description :

The beauty of this Yoga Mat is that it has a textured top layer and a Non-skid proof bottom side that gives excellent grip and reduces the chances of slipping down.

Talking about the thickness, it is available in multiple thickness options that are 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm. You can choose your desired thickness according to your requirements. 

This Yoga Mat also has features like compression resistance, rebound resilience, and Better Grip & Water Scratch. It is a washable yoga mat so you can wash it after a few uses to keep it odour-free.

So, if you are looking for a complete pack of extra cushioning, odour-free, and lightweight yoga mats at an affordable price, we’ll highly recommend you to go with this one. 


  • Rebound resilience 
  • Non-Skid Bottom Side
  • Lightweight & Washable Mat
  • It provides excellent grip
  • Affordable price


  • Need to be washed very often to keep it dust-free
Best yoga mats in india

Product Description :

It has Non-Slip sticky texture to help you maintain the most difficult poses like Sirsasana, Kakasana, Vasisthasana, and many more. It has a bold reversible design with stripes and crosses.

It has the traction of 173cm x 61cm which means even if you are a long-height person you can easily perform yoga on it. It has a thickness of 8mm which is quite enough to make you feel comfortable.

If you are looking for the other colours and designs you can head over to Amazon. It is suitable for all types of Yoga, Workout, and exercises. 


  • Reliable Material, very good mat for long use
  • Perfect for regular Yoga practitioner
  • Easy to wash and maintain


  • Little expensive
  • Not good for an overweight person
Best yoga mats in india

Product Description :

This Yoga mat is designed especially for all pregnant women, beginners, and other people with sensitive joints. It delivers you an extra grip and support that is needed to stay in place after consistent use.

It is sufficiently grippy to ensure a stable base, especially when you perform an intensive yoga pose.

The mat has a double-sided texture – one side provides a cushion feeling with extra padding and another one provides enough grip to secure slipping. The high durability quality makes it flexible and rugged enough for everyday use. It gives a stable stand and support during stretches.


  • Higher durability
  • Flexible and rugged enough for everyday use
  • Perfect yoga mat for beginners and old-aged people


  • Foam started tearing after a few months of usage
Best yoga mats in india

Product Description :

Another Reebok Yoga Mat made its place on our list. It is a reliable rubber mat that is perfect for your knees and other bony joints and it keeps them away from getting injured while doing asanas and other exercises.

It has a 7mm thickness that provides convenient cushion support. It is perfect for tall people as it is extra broad and long. As far as the dimensions are concerned, it is 6 feet 1 inch long and 2 feet wide.

This Yoga Mat has a non-slippery grip on the earth-facing side of it and extra soft cushioning on the other side for your body joints to relax. 


  • Non-slippery grip to protect from injuries
  • Long height person can also use it
  • 7mm satisfactory thickness for appropriate cushioning
  • Relaxes your body joints


  • Quite old stuff
best yoga mats in india

Product Description :

Last but not least Yoga mat on our list is presented by Dr Trust. It is one of the most popular Yoga Mat in India with a good amount of positive reviews on Amazon. 

It has a double-sided texture in which one side delivers you a cushion feeling with extra padding and the other side provides you with enough grip to prevent you from slipping or getting hurt.

This mat supports your body, especially in restorative poses. Its 183cm height and 61cm width make it more convenient even for a long-height person. Talking about the material of this Yoga Mat, it is made up of NBR foam that is durable & strong enough for daily use. In addition to this, 1.2cm of broad thickness is available for reliable cushioning support. So, you can easily hold intense poses without any strain on this exercise mat. 

You also get a Yoga Mat Bag along with this Yoga Mat. So, even if you want to take it to your yoga class or even if you travel often, you can easily carry it with you.

Overall, it is one of the most reliable Yoga Mats available in India. You can go with this Yoga Mat especially if you are a beginner or have sensitive joints. It ensures all the qualities that you expect from a good Yoga Mat. 


  • A Yoga Mat Bag available along with it
  • Can easily be transport
  • Composed of NBR Foam that is strong & durable
  • Double-sided texture with enough thickness


  • Not offers reliable grip and moves a little bit while exercising

Product Description :

This Yoga carpet or Yoga Mat compiles all the features that you can expect from a quality yoga mat.

Its sensational unique pattern, adequate thickness, cover bag & price affordability makes it remarkable. You get 4 mm thickness with 72-inch length and 24-inch width dimensions.

Its dynamic design makes it more attractive. It is manufactured with EVA foam so it means that the yoga mat is eco-friendly too. If you have a limited budget then definitely you can go with this mat. It is a reliable product for those who are looking for a cheap yoga mat in India. 


  • aesthetic design with a dynamic pattern
  • Composed of EVA Foam that is strong & durable


  • Nothing serious spotted
flexnest 8m yoga mat

Product Description :

This yoga mat is constructed to amplify your yoga experience. It delivers 8mm of adequate thickness that ensures the protection of your joint support it simultaneously. Apart from Yoga, you can easily practice all physical activities on it easily. It is a resilient, durable & lightweight yoga mat.

Discussing the product material, it is manufactured with TPE Material which makes it more eco-friendly as compared to PVC yoga mats. The 3 Layer Technology with special Tear Resistant lining is present for long life. If you are like me who needs extra space everywhere then you would be glad to listen that its dimension is 6ft x 2ft.


  • 8mm of adequate thickness for all fitness activities
  • manufactured with TPE material so it is more resilient, eco-friendly & recyclable
  • extra dimension gives you more space for your Yoga aasan

Why Use a Yoga Mat?

The best answer is Yoga Mat can enhance your yoga practice. If you are a Yogi we would personally recommend to start practising your Yoga on Yoga Mat. You will feel more productive and comfortable during your Yoga session.

As we know, Yoga is all about focus and attention. So, if you are practising Yoga on something (most probably on the floor) which not make you feel comfortable then it can diminish your attention, and ultimately it will ruin your focus.

Apart from this, some other benefits of Yoga Mats are:-

  • You will feel more comfortable and relaxed on Yoga Mat as compared to a hard floor
  • Yoga Mat will prevent you from any kind of injury as the mats serve as the best cushion between you and the floor
  • You will be protected from the risk of bacteria or germs disease that may be on the floor
  • It will also protect you from dust, so you will not leave the Yoga class dirty
  • Lastly, you will be more focused on your Yoga sessions and can gain lots of extra benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best yoga mats for beginners?

Strauss Anti-Skid Yoga Mat is best for beginners who have just started practising Yoga. It is available in 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm thicknesses with extra cushioning, Odor-free, and lightweight material. It has a textured top layer with Non-skid proof bottom. It has the quality of Antislip, is Waterproof, Water Scratch, has Better Grip, Rebound resilience, and has compression resistance.

What is the right thickness for a Mat? 

Most standard Yoga Mats have a thickness of ⅛ inch, which is not thick enough for an apprentice. Notwithstanding, yoga mats can be as thick as 1/4 of an inch. If you practice yoga more times seated then you probably need to have a thick yoga mat.

Which is the Best Yoga Mat for Hot Yoga?

In our pick, the Reebok Double-sided fitness training mat is the best mat for hot yoga. It has comfortable cushions against hard surfaces and they are Non-slip sticky textures to help you maintain a pose.

How much does a yoga mat cost in India?

A mat in India costs generally between 500 to 1000 INR. But, if you are looking for a good quality yoga mat then it can cost a little bit extra. There are lots of options available in yoga mats under 1500 INR on Amazon.

Are expensive yoga mats worth it?

It doesn’t mean if you are buying an expensive mat it will offer the best specification. You can get a decent mat in India at a cost-friendly price. However, there are some expensive yoga mats that offer good quality features that enhance your yoga productivity to a great extent. 

Is a 4mm or 6mm yoga mat better?

A 6mm Yoga Mat is much more convenient than a 4mm yoga mat. It gives you reliable stability plus comfort and at the same time, it is not too heavy so you can transport it easily.

Can I exercise on a yoga mat?

Yes, there are a lot of yoga mats that give you the option to practice all types of fitness activities on them. You can easily exercise on a yoga mat.

That’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed reading this awesome guide on the best yoga mats in India. If you still have any confusion in your mind please share it through comments. I would love to answer it.

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