yoga mats in india for winters

Top 4 Best Yoga Mats for Winters in India in 2023

As we all know, Winter is about to come in India and the craze of yoga practice will slightly go up. And why not, Yoga helps us to keep our body warm and makes us fit. 

On the northern side of India, the environment gets very cold so practicing yoga can significantly help you in fighting this deadly winter season. 

It is not recommendable to practice yoga on the floor especially in winters. You can get sick if the surface of the ground is too cold. 

Rather than practicing yoga on the floor what you can do is to get an extra-thick yoga mat for your winter yoga practice. You can get an extra thick yoga mat online that will help you easily practice yoga this winter. 

To make it easy further we have compiled a list of the best yoga mats that you can buy this winter to make your practice exciting & joyful. We will help you in finding the best yoga mats for winter. 

Just stick with this guide and let’s explore our topic,

Top 4 Best Yoga Mats For Winter in 2022

yoga mat for winters

This mat comes with an adequate 13mm of thickness that gives you proper cushioning from the floor. You get a carrying strap along with this yoga mat. As far as its dimensions are concerned, it measures around 74 x 24 x 0.5-inch traction. 

It is a lightweight yoga mat and is composed of durable foam. It has a textured surface that ensures enough grip and reduces the chances of slipping. Overall, it is a perfect mat to buy for winter in 2022. 


An extra thickness yoga mat qualified for winters. This mat provides you extra-large surface and 12-inch thickness that provides cushioning from the cold floor surface. 

It comes along with a carrying Strap and is also lightweight so you can easily transport it with you. It is made up of rubber that makes it eco-friendly. You’ll also not get chemical substance odor in your yoga session. Its extra dimension of 6 feet length and 3.5 feet width ensures all shapes & sizes of person fits on this mat.

yoga mats in india for winters

A newly emerging brand offers decent yoga mats at a very budget-friendly price. When it comes to thickness, you get 13mm of appropriate thickness, providing enough cushioning, and keeping you up properly from the floor. 

Apart from that, you get enhanced textures for enhanced traction. You can very easily practice tough yoga poses on this mat. So, if you are looking for a mat that doesn’t put much burden on your pocket, you can consider this yoga mat.


They consider themselves as the king of cushioning. And, it’s legitimate after all they are delivering superior 15mm thickness for support. It’s only for winters but also best for summers. Its amazing features make it more desirable.  

It is made up of sweat-resistant material and its material is non-toxic plus eco-friendly. It is made up of NBR foam which is not harmful to the body like PVC. Its black color gives this mat a more royal look. Apart from this, it is very lightweight & durable. It is one of the perfect yoga mats for winters in India. 

Make your yoga practice remarkable with the above-mentioned mats. I hope you enjoyed reading our guide of Best Yoga Mats in India for winters. Please share your thoughts down below in the comment section.

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