Yoga has become a significant fitness exercise to keep body and mental health stable. It keeps you in shape and enhances your focus and attention. Are you also a yoga practitioner and practice yoga at home? If your answer is ‘Yes’ I have something special for you.

We’ve compiled a list of top-notch yoga mats for home practice that cater to every yogi’s needs. However, it doesn’t matter whether you practice yoga at home or go to any yoga classes these mats will take your yoga session to the next level.

Let’s dive right into the world of perfect,

Yoga Mats for Home Practice in India

hykes tpe yoga mat in navy blue colour with posture marks

The Hykes TPE Yoga Mat with Carry Bag is a must-have for yogis in India. It is made from superior quality eco-friendly TPE material that offers the perfect balance of comfort and grip. This 6mm yoga mat provides excellent cushioning, protecting your joints and knees while still allowing you to maintain balance in all yoga poses. It’s sweat-resistant and easily washable with soap and water, making it a practical choice. Apart from this, it’s free from toxic materials, ensuring your safety during practice.


  • Eco-friendly TPE material
  • Lightweight with an anti-slip design
  • Optimal cushioning for joint protection
  • Sweat and moisture-resistant
  • Double-layered texture for enhanced grip
  • Free from toxic materials
TEGO Stance Truly Reversible Yoga Mat 6mm thick

The TEGO Stance Truly Reversible Yoga Mat offers versatility and support for your yoga practice in India. With dimensions of (68L x 17 W x 17TH centimetres), it provides ample space for your poses. What sets it apart is the posture reference map, which helps you perfect your angles and poses. The dual-layered mat offers a sticky side for the grip you need, while its closed-cell construction keeps it durable and hygienic. This 5mm mat is the practical choice for joint-friendly support.


  • Extra surface dimensions for ample space
  • Posture reference map for precise poses
  • Dual-layered mat for grip and durability
  • Closed-cell construction for hygiene
  • 5mm thickness for joint support
  • Quality materials for lasting durability
Cockatoo YM100 Yoga Mat for unisex Anti Slip EVA Material

A versatile choice for yogis who practice yoga in India. It offers a perfect grip and stability during your practice. Constructed with EVA material anti-slip technology ensures you stay in control of your poses. Its dust-resistant technology allows easy washing with soap and water. Plus, it comes with durable and lightweight carry straps, making it your trusted companion for yoga on the go.


  • EVA material for stability
  • Anti-slip technology for a secure grip
  • Dust-resistant and easy to clean
  • Durable and lightweight carry straps
  • Available in 4mm and 6mm thickness options
  • Vibrant colour choices for personalization
Cosco Yoga Mat Chakra 4mm Charcoal

Experience superior comfort with the Cosco Yoga Mat Chakra. With big surface dimensions (183cm x 61cm), it provides ample room for your practice. Crafted from highly durable EVA material, it cushions your spine, hips, knees, and elbows. This eco-friendly mat is 100% non-toxic and equipped with anti-skid technology. Keep it odour-free with moisture-resistant technology, and its included carry strap ensures convenient transportation.


  • Superior comfort with large surface dimensions
  • Highly durable EVA material
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • Anti-skid technology for stability
  • Moisture-resistant for odour control
  • Includes a convenient carry strap
Quick Shel Extra Thick 8mm Thickness Yoga Mat Navy Green colour for home exercise

For high-impact exercises and challenging yoga poses in India, the Quick Shel Extra Thick Yoga Mat is your best companion. Available in 6mm and 8mm thickness options, it offers superior cushioning and joint support. The non-slippy surface keeps you stable and sustainable during your practice. Made from high-quality, non-toxic, and eco-friendly materials, this mat is free of harmful chemicals, phthalates, and latex. It’s lightweight, easy to carry, and suitable for all levels of yoga practice.


  • Superior cushioning and support
  • Non-slippy surface for stability
  • High-quality, non-toxic, and eco-friendly materials
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Suitable for all levels of yoga practice
  • Perfect balance of grip, cushioning, and support
WiseLife Classic Turquoise Yoga Mat for Home Exercise

Featuring a dual-sided texture, it provides excellent grip and stability during your practice. This 6mm mat offers just the right thickness for comfort without compromising balance. Made in India, it’s made up of TPE, a sustainable and recyclable material, that ensures both environmental and personal well-being.


  • Dual-sided texture for grip and stability
  • 6mm thickness for comfort
  • Can be used for various purposes at home
  • Sweat-resistant for a slip-free experience
  • Proudly made in India using sustainable TPE material
WiseLife Classic Turquoise Yoga Mat for Home Exercise

Elevate your home practice with the Yogarise 4mm Anti-Skid Yoga Mat. Its aesthetic pattern design adds beauty to your home while enhancing your practice. Easy to fold and featuring a durable and lightweight carry bag, it’s perfect for yoga practice at home. The material is 100% non-toxic and prevents sweat and dirt from absorbing into the mat. Choose from two thickness options and four elegant colours to match your style.


  • Aesthetic pattern design for added beauty
  • Easy to fold and includes a durable carry bag
  • Crafted from 100% non-toxic materials
  • Available in two thickness options
  • Four colour choices for personalization
WiseLife Classic Turquoise Yoga Mat for Home Exercise

A game-changer for yoga enthusiasts in India. It features posture markings on the mat to avoid confusion during your yoga sessions, offering easy posture guidance. This reversible mat combines one side with body alignment and a durable surface on the other. With Advanced Balance Cushion Technology and Anti-Bacterial Protection, it is an ideal choice for all types of exercises. Apart from that, it also offers a premium storage or a carry bag and a carry strap for convenience.


  • Posture markings for precise poses
  • Reversible mat with body alignment
  • Advanced Balance Cushion Technology
  • Anti-bacterial protection for hygiene
  • Includes premium storage or carry accessories