Best PVC Yoga Mats in India - Top Picks for Your Practice

If I ask you why do we practice yoga? Your answer would be “to improve focus, and to be healthy”.If you do yoga on the floor, you may not feel comfortable, which can lead to a decrease in your attention or focus. When it comes to improving your yoga practice, having the right mat can make all the difference. 

A good yoga mat provides cushioning, support, and stability to your body and keeps you comfortable. 

Let’s dive into the best PVC yoga mats available in India that offer both comfort and durability.

vector x black yoga and exercise mat thickness

Vector X brings you the Anti Skid PVC Exercise Yoga Mat, a perfect companion for both men and women. This lightweight yet thick yoga mat offers a strong grip with its non-slippy texture. Its 68″ length and 24″ width ensure ample cushioning and support for all types of exercises. The moisture-resistant and waterproof features give you the option to wash it regularly and keep it odour-free. As far as thickness is concerned it offers 6mm thickness which is quite enough to keep you relaxed.

head anti skid yoga mat

For those seeking a non-toxic and eco-friendly yoga mat, the HEAD Anti-Skid PVC Yoga Mat is an ideal choice. With its 6mm thickness, it brings the perfect balance between comfort and thickness and levels up your yoga productivity seamlessly. The non-slip surface provides stability and support during your practice. Easy to clean and suitable for travellers, this mat is a versatile addition to your yoga gear.

printed pvc yoga mats purple

If you get inspired by designs, the Obsessions Printed Yoga Mat is designed to motivate you daily. With its eye-catching design, it offers 5mm thickness for ample cushioning. The included easy-to-carry strap makes it convenient for on-the-go yogis. Made with high-quality PVC material, this mat ensures stability while allowing you to practice a wide range of yoga poses with ease.

AGARO Fitpro TPE Yoga Mat for Women

AGARO’s Fitpro TPE Yoga Mat emphasizes comfort for your joints, knees, spine, hips, and elbows. Measuring 6ft in length and 2ft in width, this mat provides excellent traction and grip with its non-slip surface. It’s not only sweat-resistant but also easily washable with soap and water, thanks to its moisture-resistant technology. Plus, the closed-cell surface keeps germs and odours at bay. It is a perfect yoga mat for beginners.

black dual tone PVC yoga mat 10mm extra thick

For a robust and eco-friendly option, the SUVARNA ASANA Dual Tone YOGA MAT is crafted from PVC Rexine material. Its yoga mat surface and anti-skid back mat offer strong slip resistance and optimal grip. It comes with a transparent carry bag for added convenience and is designed for heavy-duty use, promising rugged performance. With a 10mm thickness, it provides excellent joint support and is 10 times more durable than regular mats.

PVC vs. TPE vs. Rubber Mats

While PVC mats offer durability and affordability, TPE mats are known for being eco-friendly and safe. Rubber mats, on the other hand, provide excellent grip but may be heavier. Consider your priorities, such as sustainability, grip, or budget, when choosing the right mat for your practice.

FAQs Regarding PVC Yoga Mats

How to clean a PVC yoga mat?

Cleaning a PVC yoga mat is easy. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth or use a mild yoga mat cleaner. Avoid harsh chemicals that could damage the material.

Are PVC yoga mats safe?

Yes, PVC yoga mats are generally safe for use. However, some people may have allergies or sensitivities to PVC materials. If you have concerns, consider a TPE or natural rubber mat.

Which yoga mat is better, PVC or EVA?

The choice between PVC and EVA mats depends on your preferences. PVC mats are affordable and durable, while EVA mats are eco-friendly and lightweight. Consider your priorities and needs when making your decision.